High-Y Bars VS Low-V Bars

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High-Y Bars VS Low-V Bars

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In general you can fly every kite with every bar and the other way around but it’s not recommended. If you try to fly a kite with a bar which is not recommended for the kite take care, that you at least use the following Formula:

The bar needs to have the capability to move upward along the safety line for a minimum of one kite span from the power trim, enabling the kite to significantly reduce its power (See Image d1 has to be greater or equal to d2).

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 21.59.01.png
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 21.59.01.png (94.47 KiB) Viewed 731 times
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Anyway, I suggest testing the quick release at the beach in a controlled environment (where no person is downwind from you) to ensure the kite flags out correctly.

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Remember: Some bars must only be used with the corresponding kites from the same manufacturer. These are not functional with other kites.
Some bars have a safety system called mini 5th line that pulls on both of the front lines at the same time. The IKO strongly recommends that kiters do not use these bars /brands for their kiteboarding practice, as the kite will still have a lot of power, even after the safety system has been activated
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