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[Netherlands] Campsite Camping Brouwersdam

Posted: 21 May 2024, 23:14
by Fabian
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Camping Brouwersdam (Website) is a former Farm which now accommodate Campers around their former farm. The Campsite can be used by all kind of campers doesn't matter if you sleep in a tent or expeditions mobile. Camping Brouwersdam (Googlemaps) is really close located to the Brouwersdam Spot aswell as Ouddorp and Rockanje.

Camping Brouwersdam

Location Plan & Prices:
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Current price list

All places offer more than enough space and are level
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Toilets and Shower:
The campsite has two different shower and toilet buildings. One building is container-based and several years old. The second one is brand new and very nice.

Both buildings are well cleaned and maintained. The highlight is definitely the two washing machines and the coffee machine in the new building, where you can get various types of coffee. You don't have to pay for the coffee, but they kindly ask for a donation.
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